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Things To Know About Insurance And Auto, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

A large part of recovering compensation for injured people after an accident has to do with insurance. At Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm, we strongly advise potential and existing clients not to discuss their cases with their insurers beyond reporting the basics.

Yes, you should tell your insurer that you were in an accident. But you should not state your opinion about what happened and why. Instead, get an experienced auto accident attorney on your side.

Some Insights About Insurance, Crashes And Recovery

We are available to discuss your accident, injuries and recovery needs with you. During our initial conversations, we may explore one or more of these topics regarding insurance and your car accident in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex:

  1. The insurer is not your friend: Your own insurance company’s representatives are not your friends. It is their job to protect the company from paying out any more than necessary after an accident.
  2. Beware the three Ds: Insurance companies are notorious for practicing the ‘three Ds” when their policyholders may be liable in accidents: deny, delay and defend.
  3. Defense is to be expected: Another driver’s insurance company will likely defend their policyholder to prevent having to pay you benefits. This is especially true after a commercial vehicle accident.
  4. Delays are typical: Even if an insurance company is legally required to compensate you, they may put up many obstacles to deny the claim or delay paying out benefits.
  5. Denied claims are problematic: An insurance company will often look for every loophole available to deny a claim. This may force an injured party to pursue costly litigation. Many people become discouraged and give up.
  6. Policy caps may pose limitations: Even if an insurance company is on the hook to pay up, the insurance policy may have limits that are much less than what you need to pay your medical bills and more.
  7. Insurers may play the blame game: Insurance companies that are liable often look for other insurance companies to blame instead. This often happens when there are multiple potential insurers after a commercial vehicle accident. Insurers will then make their own claims against other insurers. The legal battles result in delays and a need for the injured party to take further legal action.
  8. Exclusions may become roadblocks: An insurer may deny or limit benefits on the grounds of an exclusion such as a family member, intentional act, named driver, unlisted vehicle, Act of God or punitive damages exclusion.
  9. Undervaluing a claim is a common tactic: An insurer may accept responsibility but claim that your injuries are less severe than what you report. They may refuse to pay what your medical care actually costs you and leave you with large leftover bills.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive. The general descriptions above may not match your situation. Get personalized legal advice for guidance on your car accident case.

Let’s Talk About Your Accident, Losses And Insurance Needs

Our lawyers, Stephen Le Brocq and Evan Horner, are skilled litigators and negotiators. They have much experience pursuing compensation for clients from liable parties and their insurers.

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