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Maximize Compensation After A Personal Injury

A serious personal injury can bring pain, financial losses and a great many practical obstacles to your life. Your immediate family members may also bear the brunt of your temporary or long-term disabilities. When someone else’s negligence or intentional harm was the cause of an accidental injury, you know you need help. An experienced personal injury lawyer can be your strong advocate. Both your medical care and your legal case may determine how your recovery will go.

At Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm, we help injured people and their close family members find justice and relief. We will investigate how an accident happened. We will find out who was responsible. And we will prepare arguments as if for trial. Your case may settle out of court. But it is important for your lawyer to be ready to represent you in negotiations or at trial.

Types Of Accidental Injuries That Our Attorneys Handle

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case after one of these situations has caused you harm:

  • A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident
  • An explosion or fire resulting in burns
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • A serious dog bite or any animal attack that someone allowed to happen
  • An injury caused by violence in a public place with inadequate security

If FIRMNAME-1 is your law firm after an accidental injury such as one of these, we will tackle your case with vigor and resolve. Attorneys Stephen Le Brocq and Evan Horner are skilled litigators who can persuade juries to uphold their clients’ interests. If we prepare your injury claim or lawsuit, we will fight for your rightful compensation. A successful personal injury claim often requires:

  • A detailed, timely investigation
  • A thorough legal analysis
  • Professional presentations documenting evidence
  • Skillful argumentation before claims adjusters, juries and judges

Our track record of success has been impressive in our law practice together. With about 10 combined years of experience, we have gained a strong reputation among insurance companies, mediation forums and courtrooms. Our enthusiasm and determination strengthen our clients’ cases. We are available to listen to your story and eager to explain how we can help you. Your recovery matters to us, and we will prove it with our hard work on your behalf.

Free Consultations; Contingency-Based Representation

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