We Make Your Problem Our Problem

The Legal Help You Need After A Motor Vehicle Accident

A serious car, truck or motorcycle accident is more than an emergency on the road. It also brings up legal problems. Whose fault was it? Who is responsible to pay for injuries and losses? Untangling the facts is essential for answering these questions. Insurance issues can be extra difficult. A quick and detailed investigation is critical.

At Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights and futures. Whether your problems are big or small after a crash, we will treat them as our problems, too. Getting you the answers and help that you need will be our passion and motivation.

We Assist With All Kind Of Vehicle Crashes

Each type of motor vehicle accident has its own critical issues. Attorneys Stephen Le Brocq and Evan Horner are skilled litigators. Their knowledge, experience and drive to succeed can be on your side. Contact Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm after an accident such as:

  • An auto accident, whether it was a single-car, two-vehicle or multivehicle accident
  • A truck wreck involving a delivery truck, utility truck, 18-wheeler or any large commercial vehicle
  • A motorcycle accident on a city street, rural road, state highway or interstate
  • A bus or train crash
  • A motorboat, golf cart or aviation accident
  • A vehicle crash on the job, at an amusement park or in any setting

No matter what the circumstances were, an investigation should happen right away. Our legal team does not waste time when representing our clients. We review police reports, medical records and testimonies of witnesses. We use the information that we collect to negotiate firmly with insurance companies. We also represent clients in mediation and, if necessary, in court.

We Are Ready To Start On Your Case Now

Having an attorney who is a strong litigator on your side is critical to getting fair compensation after a crash. Every case is different. We will work for the solution that makes sense for your specific situation. Our lawyers will work hard to offer you new rays of hope.

You may be in a hospital or recuperating at home. You may wonder when life will get back to normal. Obtaining the maximum available compensation can get your future back on course. To schedule a free consultation after a motor vehicle accident anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex or beyond, call us at 469-930-4385 or send an online inquiry.