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Pursuing Relief And Justice Through Civil Litigation

After a car accident with injuries, an innocent party’s losses are often obvious: broken bones, a crashed car and lost income, for example. We use our litigation skills in personal injury cases, but in other situations involving issues such as business and real estate, losses may involve finances, reputation or lost opportunities. When one party can show that they were wronged by another without justification, civil litigation may be an effective path to a resolution.

At Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm, we help our clients right wrongs through claims and lawsuits over property, business deals and other matters as described below. Attorneys Stephen Le Brocq and Evan Horner are skilled litigators who vigorously protect clients’ interests.

Types Of Cases That We Handle

We welcome the chance to evaluate any potential civil litigation case such as the following:

  • A breach of contract claim involving goods or services that were not delivered or paid for as agreed on or a home purchase that did not go through
  • A wrongful death claim against the police or other person or business responsible for causing the death of a loved one
  • A consumer rights case under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) in Texas, including a complaint over a property defect discovered after a home purchase
  • A dispute between a tenant (renter) and landlord (owner)
  • A partnership or shareholder dispute related to a business
  • An employer’s claim over a former employee’s alleged breach of a noncompete agreement
  • A libel, slander or defamation claim involving fraudulent statements or publicity leading to loss of reputation damages
  • Post-divorce property division disputes
  • A lawsuit seeking compensation for losses incurred through someone else’s deception, fraud, ethics violations or white collar crimes
  • A personal injury claim after a serious car, truck or motorcycle accident

As much as we thrive on arguing our clients’ cases in heated courtroom clashes, we also keep the big picture in focus at all times. This includes helping clients weigh costs versus potential gains through the types of legal actions they choose to enter into.

In other words, you may win at trial but pay more in legal fees than what you gain. We sincerely want to educate and guide our clients to avoid such outcomes. We will not recommend lawsuits that are not financially practical.

Let’s Discuss Your Potential Civil Claim

Rest assured that your long-term well-being will be at the heart of any civil claim in which we may represent you. Our lawyers want to help you recover that which is rightfully yours after someone or an entity – even a government body – has caused you losses through wrongdoing.

To schedule a free consultation about your potential civil litigation case, contact Le Brocq & Horner Law Firm at 469-930-4385 or email us.