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How can you prove self-defense when facing Texas assault charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In all states, assault is a serious allegation. In Texas, those convicted of assault can face months or years of incarceration in a state jail or prison.

Many people claim self-defense in an assault case, but proving self-defense is far from easy. If you are facing criminal charges only because you defended yourself from harm, the tips below may help you prove your case.

Find witnesses to corroborate your account

There is always a chance that other people witnessed the altercation and know what happened. It’s important to identify witnesses who may agree to testify or provide a formal statement on your behalf.

Find photos or video footage of the incident

Nearly everyone carries a cellphone now. Further many homes and businesses have surveillance cameras. That could mean that there one or more cameras captured what occurred. Nearby residents and businesses may have surveillance footage of the events in question.

Find legal guidance and tell your story honestly

It’s wise to have legal guidance to help you break down the event and identify all defense possibilities. This can also help you get the evidence you need to prove your case. It may even be possible to mitigate your circumstances by showing that the police violated your rights during your arrest.

Learn more about self-defense laws

The better you understand the elements of your case, the better prepared you are to have a successful defense. Texas has self-defense laws that you may be able to leverage in your case. Learning more about stand-your-ground and castle doctrine laws is an excellent way to start.